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The best robot vacuum of 2022

There is no one like me every day from 9 to 5, go out to work a busy day back what things do not want to do, let alone sweeping and mopping to do hygiene, some time ago searched a variety of information research various brands and models of intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, get one with a period of time found that it is simply the gospel of lazy people, many friends asked me intelligent robot vacuum cleaner in the end is not worth getting, I hope this article can help you. I hope this article can help you。

Is it worth getting a intelligent robot vacuum cleaner?

This answer is self-explanatory and obviously yes. Why do you say so? See these reasons: one is to save spare time, work all day, home to clean, the heart is not particularly aggrieved, usually work at night back who do not want to rest rest brush drama, but look at the dust on the ground, hey, say more are tears. The flooring robot is different, the rest rest rest, the drama brush brush drama, the task of sweeping the floor to it, every day on the shift can let it clean at home, live off the snail girl! The second is to promote family harmony, modern young people, for "who to clean" this problem can always produce a little dispute, it is obvious to highlight: life is not only poetry and faraway, there is also the distress of the firewood and oil and salt. And if you have a floor robot, this problem is solved, you can justifiably say: it sweep ah! Third, for the health of the family, many people will certainly say, I am diligent, every day for cleaning, and not too tired. But, you really cleaned? Under the bed, under the sofa, dark corners ... you can really clean in place? And these places are exactly where bacteria and viruses breed, there are flooring robots, these places can get clean, no longer leave health risks. Based on the above three reasons, it is clear that the floor robot is very necessary to buy. So how do you pick a floor robot? Take a look at the knowledge of how to choose a sweeping robot.

There are many kinds of sweeping robots, how should we make the purchase?

A look at the suction value, in the operation of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner large enough suction in order to inhale the garbage garbage, too small suction garbage can not be inhaled, general daily household use, suction in 1500 ~ 2200Pa on good, suction too much noise will be larger, but also relatively speaking, power consumption will also increase. Second, look at the planning path and navigation method, that is, the sweeping robot in the system planning map, the division of the barrier-free zone and obstacle zone, the formation of the map in the system after cleaning by route, generally recommended planning cleaning path. Gyroscopic way is generally divided into collision navigation, visual navigation, laser navigation. Three look at the body high, the body high too high bed bottom or sofa bottom is not easy to sweep, it is recommended to look at their own home bed, sofa, etc. to buy. Four look over the barrier ability, general sweeping robot over the barrier height of about two centimeters, generally can cross the carpet, etc., when too high threshold can not be crossed, if the room has a threshold, then you have to manually shift, such as my home kitchen, of course, the robot over the barrier ability the sharper the better, after all, we do not want to keep saving the sweeping robot behind bars, but also do not want their own sweeping robot around the wall. Five look at the water tank, sweeping and dragging one machine general water tank is divided into ordinary water tank, electronically controlled water tank and bionic water tank, like water tank, range, cleaning area try to choose a large capacity, cleaning area large. Ordinary water tank: the speed of water seepage during the operation of the sweeping robot is not controllable, the amount of water if too much will make the ground damage, mopping will also make the ground wet because of too much water. Bionic water tank: the machine will control the amount of water in operation, the water is more uniform, when not mopping sweep, the mop will automatically stop overflowing, to protect the floor, safer, the installation is also more convenient to use, drawer type directly pull out, no need to flip. Electronically controlled water tank: according to the sweeping robot sensing technology quantitative adjustment of water seepage, after the mopping automatically back to the charge not worry about the problem of water seepage leading to safety accidents, will not appear mopping wet phenomenon. Generally recommended electronically controlled water tank and bionic water tank. Six look at the machine running decibels, when the sound of the sweeping robot operation will be too much noise, generally 75 decibels below the more recommended, too much noise experience is not good, if the sound does not require can also be based on their own home conditions for purchase. Seven to see the APP function, sweeping robot app generally has a virtual wall, scratch area, sweeping and dragging prohibited areas, renewed sweep, carpet booster, etc., try to choose a full-featured, support voice control.

Which brand of floor sweeper is good?

Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market. It has a lot of unique features that make it stand out from other brands.It has a very powerful motor, so it can pick up most types of debris that are on your floors. The technology used in this vacuum is also very advanced, so you won't have to worry about it getting stuck or not being able to clean certain areas.The Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner also has an app that allows you to control it remotely from anywhere in your home. This makes it easier for you to use the vacuum and keep track of where it's going or what areas need cleaning next. You can also see how much battery life is left by using the app as well.That's why you must have this best robot vacuum.
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