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About intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, I know the common failures and repair methods

The emergence of sweeping machines has become a part of our daily household tools. It frees our hands and makes it easy to get a clean home environment in our home. As the sweeping machine belongs to a very high precision technology product. Even the best robot vacuum, often in the process of daily use, because still not quite understand or improper operation, inevitably some problems or failures. So it is necessary to know in advance some of the faults and solutions that will occur with the floor sweeper. Today, I will teach some general troubleshooting and repair of intelligent robot vacuum cleaner some tips. Not only is it simple and practical, but it can also help you save a lot of money! Now I will take my home aigostar sweeping robot as an example, list a few common headaches and solutions. You can refer to, the right remedy. It will be easy to solve, minutes to make it work diligently. I very much hope that it will be helpful to you。

On the sweeping robot on, running and other troubleshooting

1, the sweeper can not open: first check whether the sweeper has power? The reason is simple. Generally speaking, the sweeper due to placement for too long, self-discharge or external discharge resulting in power discharge. This situation occurs, this can be put back into the charging seat for charging, and then restart. There is another situation where my home aigostar robot vacuum may be in a frozen state. I want to press and release the power button for 3 seconds, then press and release it for 3 seconds, and then it will restart. Of course, if none of the above reasons, then I suggest the need to replace the machine motherboard or find the manufacturer repair. 2, sweeper in the process of running a strange noise: this may be the improper installation of accessories caused. Can check the side brush, brush, dust box, mop frame is installed correctly or loose. If the installation is correct there is a noise, you can check whether the internal parts are jammed by foreign objects. If the sweeper accidentally inhaled a lot of water, will also make a loud noise. 3, running suddenly pause: you can check if the resistance of the sweeper robot forward too much. You can avoid the rough carpet ground, put a flat floor environment to try. If not, check whether the left and right wheels are abnormally stuck or entangled. If it is a foreign body or broken wheel, promptly clean it or replace it with a new one。

About sweeping robot charging, vacuuming, mopping and other troubleshooting

1, the sweeper can not charge: first check the room temperature, the appropriate working temperature of the robot is 0 ℃ -40 ℃. Then check whether the indicator light of the charging base of the sweeper is always red, and whether the charging base and the charging needle on the sweeper are clean enough. If all are OK, it may be that the sweeper is in a frozen state. You can long press the power button for 3 seconds to release, and then long press for 3 seconds to restart. 2, dust constantly falling from the sweeper: first check whether the dust box is full or the dust box is too dirty clogged, if it is full or plugged, clean it up and try again. Another reason may be that the motor of the sweeping robot is abnormal. If there is no motor noise when the sweeper is cleaning, the motor may be abnormal. You can adjust the sweeping mode in the APP for further testing. 3, no water spray in mopping mode: first check whether there is water in the tank, and whether the internal water pipe is disconnected. You can also check whether the mop frame is installed correctly. If everything is okay, finally adjust the humidity in the mobile app. Check if it works.4. There are obvious water stains after mopping: open the cell phone APP to adjust the amount of water sprayed.

The final summary

Finally there is intelligent robot vacuum cleaner can not connect Wi-Fi how to do?1, we have to make sure that Wi-Fi is 2.4GHz band. Because aigostar robot vacuum, can only receive the signal of this band. Remember, the location and Bluetooth permission on the phone should also be turned on. 2, of course, the Wi-Fi signal at home should be good enough, otherwise it can not be connected. 3, when connected, you have to enter the correct Wi-Fi name and password. Press and hold the power button and go home health for 5 seconds at the same time, it will trigger the configuration mode of Wi-Fi. Finally, I would like to say that even the best robot vacuum. There is no way to avoid that it will break down after a long time of use. After all, any machine has an aging time, no one can guarantee that this machine can be used indefinitely. I recommend paying attention to the precautions in the manual before using the sweeper. Don't throw dangerous garbage like flammables and glass residue on the floor to prevent the sweeper from sucking up things it shouldn't and damaging the machine. In the process of using the sweeping robot, you should also regularly clean the inside and outside. This will not only ensure the cleaning effect, but also effectively extend the life of the sweeping robot. The above troubleshooting and do-it-yourself repair is relatively easy to get started. Do not panic when these problems occur, calmly analyze. According to what I said step by step troubleshooting will be good. When we master these basic repair methods, we can save a lot of money on maintenance. In addition, sweeping robots have a warranty period. If you encounter a serious machine failure, and you are not a professional repairer, it is still recommended that you go to the manufacturer's fixed maintenance point repair. Because they know the machine better. My sweeping robot, because usually used very lovingly. It's been in use for nearly 4 months and still looks as good as new!
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