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How To Maintain Your Aigostar Robot Vacuum& Keep It Running Smoothly

In today's smart home era, the emergence of intelligent floor cleaning robots has made our home cleaning a lot easier. No longer do we have to worry about hygiene all day long. We just need to control it through the mobile app or smart speaker. Our home can become clean in minutes, giving us a comfortable and healthy living environment. But just know the use of intelligent sweeping robot is not enough. In addition to the hard work of the sweeping robot, we also need to regularly give the sweeping robot "bath". Because, in the process of use, the machine will inevitably wear and tear. To bring out the maximum performance of the sweeping robot, to improve the life of the sweeping robot and the quality of work, we have to take good care of it. You just need a few minutes to take a good look at the experience I shared. Protect your machine in this way even during future use of the sweeping robot, then you can make it last longer! I took my own aigostar robot vacuum as an example and summarized some tips for maintaining the robot. It's easy to clean up and maintain in the near future for your direct reference。

The main points to note when the sweeping robot work

1, a good working environment: when using a sweeping robot, it is best to first clean off the obstacles on the ground at home. For example, toys, socks, remote control, wires and other fragmentary objects, try to free up the maximum cleaning area. Prevent the robot from getting trapped while working, which not only consumes more power but also reduces cleaning efficiency. In addition to this, also avoid using it in environments where there are large areas of water or water damage. Although most of the robots nowadays are with waterproof function. But after all, it is an electrical product, long-term contact with water will directly affect the life of the sweeping robot. It is recommended that long-term cleaning work in dry ground, which is more effective in extending the life of the machine. 2, battery maintenance: the battery is the key to the work of the floor sweeper, a good battery can make the life of the robot more durable. I use the process, the charging stand correctly placed on a flat floor against the wall, able to cover to Wi-Fi signal, and no direct sunlight. Extra power cords are also placed into slots to avoid the sweeper getting trapped by touch. I usually plug in the charging cradle before leaving the house. Otherwise the robot can't automatically find the charging cradle for recharging, and it's very bad for the machine if it stops working with frequent power cuts. If you don't use the robot for a long time, I would recommend that you unplug the power cord and put it in a dry place for storage. Of course after using it for a while, you can also check if the power loss and discharge is normal. If the damage is serious then you can replace and repair it.

Cleaning of several parts of the sweeping robot

Side brush, roller brush and body cleaning work: side brush, roller brush in the daily cleaning, from time to time will be hair, hair and other fine things entangled. If you can't clean it regularly, it will increase the battery load over time and affect the battery life, and in serious cases, it will directly burn the motor. So, when I use aigostar robot vacuum cleaner, I will clean it once a week. Side brush if there is hair tangled, directly take down to clean, if the side brush bifurcation deformation serious need to be replaced. This machine has two extra side brushes, which I can replace. Although the main brush is not easy to break, but also need to clean up often. The brand manufacturer is equipped with special cleaning tools, it is also relatively easy to use. 2, the garbage box cleanup: every time I finish using the sweeping robot I will take off the garbage box to dump the garbage, with a dry cleaning cloth to clean up the upper and lower layers of the garbage box. 3, the filter cleanup: the filter of this sweeping robot can be washed. The first thing you need to do is to put it in a ventilated place to dry, and then you can reinstall it after the filter is dry. 4, the cleaning of the mop: aigostar robot vacuum cleaner is a suction and dragging machine. Not only has the function of vacuuming but also the function of mopping, so thimes more, the lint on the mop will slowly collapse or fall off. This is when the effect of mops sweeper comes with a mop. I also clean the mop once a week, will use citric acid or white vinegar soak, it is easier to wash off the residual dirt. And as the frequency of use becoping will become worse, it is necessary to replace. The manufacturer has sent an extra mop cloth, at present my mop cloth is still relatively good, not yet replaced.

My summary of the sweeping robot

There will be people who ask: "I bought to sweep the floor robot is not to free hands, why so much trouble?" Well, I think you need to look at the workload of a floor cleaning robot, it may be working every day! The daily maintenance of a good sweeping robot is so that he can serve us better. Although the tool is to use, but also know how to love it. Good use habits and maintenance skills can make it better and longer service to our lives. These are some of my daily maintenance tips for sweeping robots. If you buy aigostar Robot Vacuum, generally speaking the above use experience, you can directly refer to. Other brands of sweeping robots you can refer to the general direction, the specific difference may lie in the design of some parts and features are not the same. I recommend that you fix the cycle on the home of the sweeping robot thorough cleaning and maintenance once, each time it only takes 10 minutes but the effect will be great!
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