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Which is better, a robot vacuum? I think the best one is the aigostar robot vacuum

Nowadays, our standard of living has become better and better, and many electrical products are gradually entering our homes. For example, dishwashers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and so on, these products with technology genes make our daily life more convenient and comfortable, and sweeping robot is one of them. It can be said that it replaces hands to clean the ground, so that we are no longer tired of heavy housework, is attracting more and more people to understand and buy it. I have a lot of friends and colleagues around me who are constantly asking which brand of flooring robot is better to buy. Because they want to buy, but do not know so much about this high-tech products, so today, I would like to talk to you about the floor robot topic. Only used to have a real right to speak, now I have used my sweeping robot for nearly 3 months, I think my feelings must be shared out to friends who want to buy a sweeping robot, I hope you can have some reference, and not to go to the supermarket to buy a random, if not good, will be a big disappointment. I truly recommend that you do not rush to make a choice, the most critical thing is to first understand the sweeping robot this product, to figure out the main points of buying a sweeping robot, in order to better help themselves to select a sweeping robot to their liking。

A few buying tips for sweeping machines

1, cleaning ability: sweeping robot first must be able to sweep the ground, can sweep the ground clean, this is the fundamental. And sweeping is divided into vacuuming and wet dragging, now most of the sweeping robot is sweeping and dragging in one, so that users do not have to worry about the function of too single problem. But the suction and wet dragging way in the purchase of the need to pay attention to, suction to choose a large, so that fine dust, confetti, small particles, etc. is easy to be sucked away, but also to observe the air duct, brush, suction mouth design, these have an impact on the suction power. The best choice is to choose a wet drag, so that the mopping effect is good, the ground is not prone to residual water stains. 2, navigation function: the reason we call it a sweeping robot, it must reflect the intelligent side of this product, so the built-in navigation function module of the sweeping robot product is the focus of our observation. There are LDS laser navigation technology on the market, dToF navigation technology or infrared navigation, visual navigation and so on. The more powerful the navigation technology, the higher the efficiency of the whole house cleaning, and the better the obstacle avoidance effect. The more high-end products tend to be the choice of LIDAR navigation, can achieve rapid map building, obstacle avoidance is also very intelligent, very smart. 3, whether to free your hands: with the function of the sweeping robot continues to be strong, constantly improve, nowadays technologically advanced sweeping robot generally can do "free your hands", not only in the embodiment of the can use The intelligent APP remote control as well as voice control at will, and increased automatic recharge, anti-fall, automatic carpet avoidance and many other features, to create a strong intelligent core, which is the real savings.

aigostar robot vacuum review recommendation

aigostar robot vacuum equipped with LDS LIDAR navigation, can quickly complete the entire house environment scan, the largest area of 300 square meters, basically covering my whole house, in the cleaning, with SLAM algorithm technology, obstacle avoidance function is great, also will not rush down the stairs, cleaning is also very regular, according to the bow route, moving back and forth, cleaning will not miss that piece The floor. In addition,aigostar robot vacuum is also equipped with brushless motor, motor suction power up to 2700Pa, there are three levels of suction power can be adjusted to solve different ground waste problems, bilateral brush and floating roller brush can be deep into the floor crevices and deep carpet, so that dust is easily sucked away. There is also this aigostar robot vacuum cleaner is sweeping and mopping in one, so it also has the function of mopping, which I am more satisfied with. The large water tank has 500ML, sweeping water can control the time, so the ability to remove dirt is strong, that is, dragging that dry without leaving water stains. Finally it has the ability to voice interaction, according to my actual test, directly say "hi, Alexa, open the sweeping robot", the ground treasure aigostar robot vacuum cleaner will respond quickly, automatically out of the base station, and start cleaning. If I spilled a Coke, or dropped some snack crumbs, and do not want to get up to which the broom and mop to clean, then, the intelligent voice function will come in handy.

In the end - my summary

In general, the price of floor robots is now generally more than 100 euros, so the purchase is not always as simple as buying a broom, mop, so arbitrary. But no matter how much the price point, we should at least grasp a few key features of the sweeping robot, so as not to waste the money spent, but also to enjoy the high quality of life brought by the sweeping robot! According to my three months of actual use and observation, it has suction, sweeping and dragging as one, APP intelligent control, voice control, whole house intelligent path planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent anti-fall, intelligent back charging and other functions. With good cleaning power, excellent noise performance, no obvious shortcomings, in addition to carpet pressurization function, very convenient for people who have carpets at home, really a cleaning product for lazy people, currently I think it is the best one sweeping robot. Now that I have an aigostar robot vacuum cleaner, life is really bright and happy.
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