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Meet aigostar Robot Vacuum That Will Make my Life Easier

We live in an intelligent era, and it seems that it has become a fashion trend to have a sweeping robot at home. Starting from the actual life needs of home cleaning, the sweeping robot can save us a lot of manpower and time, so that we can easily deal with the heavy task of home cleaning. Therefore, buying an intelligent sweeping robot in family life is not only the trend of the times, but also an indispensable choice for home. When buying a sweeping robot, we will be faced with the choice of which equipment to buy. We all know that brands are good when buying things, not only because big brands are more advanced in product technology, but also because big brands' products are relatively guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales, so that we can rest assured that we can buy and use them happily. This is especially true of the smart home product sweeping robot that has been sold very popular in the past two years. A cheap sweeping robot can cost nearly one or two hundred euros, and hundreds of euros are normal. Since it is not as casual as buying mops for tens of euros, we should choose a good sweeping robot in one step, so that the product function and quality can be guaranteed and the money can be spent relatively reliably. Which sweeping robot do you want to buy? I have a deep understanding of several intelligent sweeping robots with good reputation in the market! Finally, i met the aigostar robot vacuum cleaner.

I learned about several sweeping robots, but finally chose it

TOMEFON is a famous brand in the field of indoor purification in Germany, and the market share of sweeping robots in Europe is more than 80%. TOMEFON TF-D60 is the first sweeping robot to open the era of cleaning planning. The product has high practicability, good sweeping and dragging effect, and high cleaning coverage to clean every corner of the home. Roomba 980, the flagship product of American household robot brand iRobot, uses iAdapt 2.0 navigation system, VSLAM map and positioning technology to locate, plan and draw room maps through robot top cameras and other devices. It can easily pass through obstacles, intelligently judge areas to be cleaned, identify different floor materials and garbage, and use different suction. AIGOSTAR household sweeping robot uses laser radar to sense and navigate the environment, drill to the bottom of tables and chairs sensitively, so that there is no dead space for indoor cleaning, and it can easily deal with complex home environment. I read many people's comments on it and said that its price was moderate, its cost performance was good, and its quality was excellent, so I bought one back。

What it's really like to use aigostar robot vacuum

How does this sweeping robot perform? After actual combat, I will tell you the real experience of use. 1. Map creation speed: My house is a 128-square-meter three-bedroom and one-bedroom. I asked my sweeping robot to quickly map this three-bedroom apartment. The aigostar robot vacuum cleaner uses the mainstream LDS lidar, which I observed through the transmitter inside the top disc. The construction speed is moderate, but it can accurately and clearly show the wall edges of the room, and even automatically divide the room. 2. Sweeping coverage: Sweeping performance, we can disassemble it into two indicators, that is, whether it can be swept and whether it is clean, that is, the coverage and dust removal rate of the sweeping robot. The aigostar sweeping robot has advanced SLAM algorithm technology. When cleaning the ground, I can see the arc-shaped cleaning route. Its route coverage is as high as 80%, which is enough to prove its excellent path algorithm. The mainstream level of robots. 3. Noise problem: Many people say that the noise of the sweeper is not a problem at all, because we can set it to clean after leaving home. But no matter what the reason is, especially in the past two years, everyone has been staying at home for longer and longer. This is still my key observation. When cleaning, the aigostar robot vacuum cleaner is relatively quiet. It cannot be said that there is no sound. There is a sound, but this sound is within my acceptable range. Generally, when the robot vacuum cleaner starts to run, I will forget that it is working, because this sound is not correct. I have no troubles. 4. Smart function: I can control it on the mobile APP, which is more convenient for me when I am not at home. At the same time, I can also connect the smart speaker Alexa and Google Assistant to start it to clean, and the experience is great. In addition, there are many cleaning modes in the smart APP that have regular cleaning functions. The operation is simple and the cleaning efficiency is higher. This makes me feel the power of intelligent technology. 5. My house has a large area of carpet, so the "carpet mode" of this intelligent sweeping robot gave me a very big surprise. It is difficult for ordinary sweeping and mopping robots to handle the carpet area. In order not to wet the carpet, it is often only possible to set the carpet as a prohibited area. And it uses ultrasonic technology to detect the area ahead. If it detects the area of carpet, it will increase the pressure and suction to activate the carpet mode, and deeply clean my carpet without wetting the carpet.
To sum up, I highly recommend this intelligent sweeping robot. Its overall performance is relatively balanced. The actual cleaning ability is strong. No matter sweeping or dragging, it is almost clean. It is also excellent in obstacle avoidance, noise and other aspects. It makes the home environment cleaner and tidy. It is a good robot for sweeping the floor. In short, I am very grateful for meeting the aigostar robot vacuum, which makes my life easier and more intelligent. I am very happy.
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