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What Is A Robot Vacuum And Should I Get Aigostar Robot Vacuum?

In the past, when we cleaned at home, we used tools such as brooms and mops. With the advancement of technology, cleaning tools have evolved and now there are vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum and other tools to choose from. So what is a robot vacuum cleaner? I'll start with a general explanation. The robot vacuum, also known as a smart vacuum cleaner, is a smart electrical product. It is a device that can automatically clean the floor without our hands. It uses intelligent high technology to achieve the function of automatically cleaning indoor floor, which can automatically vacuum the floor and carpet, and only needs to dispose of the dust collection bag and clean the water tank regularly. What's more, modern robot vacuum cleaners are also more multifunctional. For example, some of them have sensors for obstacle avoidance and side brushes for wall-to-wall carpeting, and some have powerful suction to clean hard floors and thick carpets。

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaner is very intelligent and is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair and dirt. It can clean the whole house efficiently. It is a must-have appliance for lazy people. It can also map out the layout of your home to avoid bumping into furniture or walls. Robot vacuum cleaner works very quiet, so it doesn’t disturb our sleep like ordinary vacuum cleaners do. And it works automatically, so it’s perfect for people who don't want to spend time or energy vacuuming. Here is the advantage and disadvantage of robot vacuums: The advantage is that it can clean the entire home without supervision. The machine can work at night while we sleep, and it’s quieter than ordinary vacuums. The disadvantage is that it is relatively more expensive than an ordinary vacuum cleaner because of its intelligence.

How to know whether the robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for me or not?

The first thing to consider when selecting a robot vacuum cleaner is our family conditions. The difference between the ordinary or intelligent robot vacuum is that the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has App software. With the App installed on the phone, you can monitor and control the work of the robot vacuum cleaner even if you are thousands of miles away, you can simply make it work. While the ordinary robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t have this function. The robot vacuum cleaner also needs to be selected according to the home flooring environment: If the house has a wooden floor, you need to pick to protect the ground-based one; If the house has carpets, door bars, you need to buy one with roller brushes, and with climbing anti-winding functions; If the home environment is complex with many wires, you need to choose one with a strong ability to get out of difficulties. In short, the most important thing is to choose a product which is pratical, with strong cleaning ability and with a brand guarantee according to the specific situation of the family.

Why do we choose Aigostar robot vacuum cleaner?

With the increasing maturity of robot vacuum cleaner technology,various of brands and functions of the robot vacuum cleaner were on the market. It’s so hard for us to choose from so many products. So how to choose a right one? Facing so many products, I did a survey. Through the comparison between many devices, I think Aigostar robot vacuum is more suitable for my requirements for home cleaning. I compared it from various aspects: 1. Intelligent cleaning: we just need to press start button, Aigostar robot vacuum can automatically work without manual assistance. And I can also control it through mobile smart APP or smart speaker Alexa and Google Assistant at any time; 2. Thin and light body: with small and thin fashion body design, it can directly go into the bottom of the furniture to clean and will not be stuck. And when not working, it can also be placed anywhere, does not take up too much space. 3. Autonomous navigation: due to the built-in intelligent chip of Aigostar robot vacuum cleaner uses LDS laser navigation and advanced SLAM algorithm technology, the cleaner can independently create a map of the house accurate and fast. a hundred square foot household, can be cleaned in one step. The path planning of cleaning is also very reasonable, do not run, do not miss sweep, using the Z walking route to complete the cleaning task including the edge of the walls of the room and various dead corners. Cleaning can be done in one step even for a house of more than 100 square feet. The cleaning path planning is also very reasonable. It doesn’t run at random or miss any places. It uses the Z walking route to complete the cleaning task including indoor wall edges and a variety of dead corners; 4. Automatic charging: when the battery of Aigostar robot vacuum cleaner is less than 20%, it will return to the charging stand for charging. If the power charge to 80%, it will start cleaning work again. Without any manual help, it really allows me to be freed from the tedious household cleaning work. 5. Low noise: Compared to ordinary vacuum cleaners, the Aigostar robot vacuum cleaner works down to 63 decibels and cleans without disturbing anyone, even when I am sleeping. I am happy to find that the robot has given me a clean and tidy home environment without making noise. Robot vacuum cleaner is more convenient, efficient and powerful than any other form of cleaning available. To sum up, a robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have household cleaning appliance that can clean dust in various places in a hassle-free and quick manner. So if you also like the intelligent experience of "freeing your hands", you can choose a robot vacuum cleaner like I did, especially this Aigostar robot vacuum. It's really great!

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