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AigoSmart Smart Mall was Launched!

AigoSmart Smart mall was launched on Oct. 28!AigoSmart is a smart life service platform developed by Aigostar. After realizing the two functions of remote control and ecological community, Aigostar follows the trend of new retail and uses the current advanced digital technology to truly achieve "one-stop shopping without leaving home", creating a more convenient and secure shopping experience for users.

From 0 to 1, Hit a record high

Up to now, the number of AigoSmart registered users has exceeded 110,000 which represents 110,000 recognitions of Aigostar and 110,000 possibilities to achieve a better smart life. In the future, Aigostar will always uphold the spirit of innovation and exploration to meet the diversified needs of users in smart home use scenarios and strive to create a smart life!

Enjoy Smart Life at the Moment

Remote Control & Smart Linkage

Enjoy Customized Control

Create a customized "Personal Smart Machine" for users. The whole house can be remote controlled by a phone which is so convenient and reassuring.  Multiple smart scenes can be set and reached with one-click, making every aspect of life full of sense of ritual.

Community Discussions & Resources Sharing

Smart Life Brings "True Happiness"

Users can not only get recipes from our food community and use AigoStar's cooking appliances to start their food journey, but also communicate with others. Users can create delicious food, gain happiness and find the beautiful resonance of smart life together.

Order Online & Home Delivery

One-stop Shopping Experience

Online shopping channel is opened. You can choose and place an order online without leaving home and the goods will be delivered to your home. More discounts are waiting for you to experience.

Please look forward to the various benefits

To celebrate the official launch of AigoSmart, various benefits will be distributed in the next few days. Download the [AigoSmart APP] client software and log in to get the coupons! Please look forward to it!

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