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Quality engine, create positive power of AIGOSTAR

In order to widen the scope of business knowledge of staff in quality control department, enhance their work skills, enable the stable development of enterprises by quality control business, from July 18th -22nd ,2022, Quality Control Center of AIGOSTAR Group Headquarter (China) organized a 5-day training called “HuangPu Education” with the theme of “ Respect work and enjoy company, win by quality”. Colleagues in quality control center who usually work in various domestic factories gathered at the headquarters and actively participated in this training.

1. Training strengthens enterprise cornerstone

Product quality is the cornerstone of an enterprise for survival and development, and also an achievement that reflects the quality culture construction of an enterprise. “HuangPu education” is a large-scale training on quality management that regularly conducted every year, and it has now reached its third phase.

In this training, lecturers from product center, R&D center and quality management center, combining the real cases of our companies, carried out systematic explanations and practical demonstrations around the basic principles of lighting, electrical, small household appliances, and pet products, management standard requirements, and detection methods in key areas of smart products.

In order to consolidate the knowledge in the training and check the learning situation of the trainees, the trainees also took exams and practical exercises after each course. The theory and practice go hand in hand, and the knowledge they learned will be applied. We believe that after systematic training, the trainees will have a deeper understanding of the professional knowledge and testing management standards of products in AIGOSTAR, and can also quickly improve the work capacity of quality inspection in an all-round way.

2. Quality made a brand

Product quality is the core, and the "Huangpu Education" training is a persistent quality improvement action by AIGOSTAR. Being meticulous and insisting on quality from the depths of the source, this training not only gradually expands the team of QC professionals, but also accumulates more front-line energy for the development of the brand AIGOSTAR, and further promotes the improvement of the quality management level, helps the quality upgrade, and builds the high quality image of AIGOSTAR!

The award ceremony, concluded the training successfully

Stable and far-reaching, take quality as first; AIGOSTAR will create high quality products continuously with innovation as the guide, and use its strength to forge the golden business card of AIGOSTAR.

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