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AIGOSTAR officially announced the renewal of its partnership with Anne to accelerate brand development

In 2020, AIGOSTAR officially signed the famous actress ANNE as the brand ambassador in Spain. After 2 years of cooperation, both parties expressed a high degree of recognition and trust in each other.

Last Tuesday, AIGOSTAR held the renewal ceremony in Spain successfully, announcing to renew the contract with Ms.ANNE for another 2 years, which promotes the building of brand AIGOSTAR and empowering the brand continuously.

Win-win co-operation to speed up brand prosperous

In AIGOSTAR renewal ceremony, ANNE had a cordial and friendly talk with representatives of AIGOSTAR, saying that after 2 years of pleasant cooperation, it’s very happy to renew the contract with AIGOSTAR.

Since the strategic cooperation between AIGOSTAR and ANNE, they have developed many deep cooperation jointly, such as terminal image application, brand promotion advertisements, etc.. Which efficiently speeds up the awareness of brand AIGOSTAR at the consumption level, and quickly increases brand influence and value. Today, ANNE continues to be brand ambassador of AIGOSTAR will help to maintain the overall image and influence of brand expansion, allowing the company to go further on the road of development.

Strong boost to achieve a win-win situation

With the significant improvement of the awareness and influence of AIGOSTAR, it also helps partners such as community stores, professional markets, and distributors to win the trust of more consumers in the end market.

As the second half of 2022 opens, at this important time to announce to renew the cooperation with the ambassador ANNE for another 2 years will not only enhance the image of the Chinese department store industry again, but also assist the sales of partners in their market, paving a solid road for sales season in 2022.


In 2022, AIGOSTAR will continuously deepen brand development strategy, focusing on brand upgrade, smart product layout and innovative marketing, and making comprehensive efforts in various aspects. In terms of brand, AIGOSTAR with two brand ambassadors ANNE and ADRIANA VOLPE in Spain and Italy to promote the brand to rejuvenate. In terms of product, AIGOSTAR continues to promote the development strategy of “Smart in whole house”and accelerate the launch of new smart products. In terms of terminal, AIGOSTAR develops multi-terminal channel market continuously.

Accumulate strong brand power to fully promote the vitality development of AIGOSATR, let’s wait and see.

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