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ANNE, the brand ambassador of AIGOSTAR, made a personal appearance at MILAR new store opening, conveying the power of the brand

On July 1st, 2022, the new store of MILAR, the largest electrical chain group in Spain, was grandly opened in Valsur Shopping Center, Valladolid. AIGOSTAR brand ambassador ANNE came to the scene as a special guest, wearing an elegant red and white striped dress and becoming the focus of attention. Afterwards, ANNE cut the ribbon together with the AIGOSTAR and MILAR executives to celebrate the opening of the new store. The event was very lively.

AIGOSTAR×MILAR, win-win co-operation to open a new chapter

MILAR was established in 1989 and currently has more than 1,500 stores in Spain. Its business scope is mainly electrical and electronic products, and it has a long history and experience in electrical retailing. Founded in 2009, AIGOSTAR is an international smart supplies brand technology company deeply rooting in Europe and radiating the global market. It owns the brand AIGOSTAR in the EU. Its products cover the fields of lighting, electrical and household appliances, and its market share far exceeds other Chinese brands and becoming the leader of Chinese brands overseas.

The brand core of "focusing on quality and innovating household life" makes the two companies coincide. Therefore, the arrival of the AIGOSTAR in the new store of MILAR is the best result of a two-way choice, and it is also a new attempt to start a strong alliance! The new store covers an area of 400㎡ with warm and modern decoration. It displays rich and exquisite products of AIGOSTAR and creates a comfortable and convenient shopping experience, providing consumers with a fashionable, healthy, smart and high-quality lifestyle.

Keep innovating, maintain competitiveness by the strength of product

In addition to high-quality products, as a brand technology company, AIGOSTAR also spares no effort in product innovation. With its strong innovation capacity, it keeps to promote the intelligent process of AIGOSTAR products, and continues to develop high-quality and diversified smart products. At present, it has launched competitive product plans in smart lighting, smart control, smart home appliances, smart security and other smart supplies fields. Keep moving with brand ambassadors, AIGOSTAR is promoting the brand with brand-new products and strong strength.

Base on Brand marketing to achieve long-term empowerment

This time, AIGOSTAR invited brand ambassador ANNE to visit MILAR's new store as the support for the brand, which represented the AIGOSTAR brand's high attention to the terminal retail market and great marketing investment. Using the power of ambassadors to drive the stream of activities, to achieve another wide reach to the consumer group, the brand promotion effect is remarkable, effectively enhance the overall recognition and favorability of the AIGOSTAR, and make the brand influence reach a new height!

In 2022, AIGOSTAR will enter the moment of outbreak based on its accumulated strength, and will make full efforts in the fronts of products, brands, channels and marketing, and break through at multiple aspects. Let us look forward to the wonderful performance of AIGOSTAR on the road of "branding" in the future.

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