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AIGOSTAR joins hands with ADRIANA VOLPE, Celebrating 14 Years Together on a New Journey!

In 2021, AIGOSTAR embarked on a collaborative journey with Italian celebrity ADRIANA VOLPE. Over the course of two years, ADRIANA VOLPE appeared on the exquisite packaging of AIGOSTAR products, featured in advertisements on the Italian subway, buses, and trams, made appearances at the AIGOSTAR 2021 HOMI exhibition, and even recommended AIGOSTAR products on Instagram. These moments have helped AIGOSTAR to continue to reinvigorate its brand and expand its influence in the industry and beyond.

Renewing the Brand Ambassador Partnership with ADRIANA VOLPE

On the morning of May 20, coinciding with AIGOSTAR's 14th anniversary, the signing ceremony for the renewed brand ambassadorship between AIGOSTAR and ADRIANA VOLPE took place at HOTEL in Rome, Italy. ADRIANA VOLPE expressed great admiration for AIGOSTAR's smart products, highly recognized AIGOSTAR's business philosophy and brand strategy, and expressed her delight in continuing the partnership, hoping the brand goes better and better.

During the 14th-anniversary celebration, AIGOSTAR also expressed deep gratitude to its partners for their continuous support and recognition. ADRIANA VOLPE was invited to present the "Outstanding Partner Award" to customers and guests, recognizing and appreciating their contributions. The aim was to boost confidence, continue working together, make progress jointly, and embrace the future.

Shining Appearance at Orizzonte, Supporting the 14th Anniversary

In the afternoon of the 20th, ADRIANA VOLPE was invited by AIGOSTAR to the Orizzonte shop for the 14th anniversary offline brand event.This marked a significant milestone, showcasing the brand's expansion into the professional market and unleashing the immense market potential of AIGOSTAR products.

About Orizzonte 

Established in the 1980s, Orizzonte has been operating for 40 years. As a large comprehensive chain supermarket, it covers various fields including food, garden tools, household textiles, toys, home appliances, hardware, lighting, and offers over 40,000 different products, catering to diverse needs.

Nearly a thousand fans came to the event to join in the excitement. Within an hour, the air fryer was nearly sold out from the small appliances zone, which was beyond imagination. When the naturally elegant ADRIANA VOLPE made a surprise appearance, she instantly became the center of attention, with cheers and screams filling the air, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Many enthusiastic consumers with products in hand were eager to take photos with ADRIANA VOLPE and they even receive smart filament lamps as gifts along with her signed card through prize redemption tickets.

With the support of brand ambassador ADRIANA VOLPE, this offline event further strengthened the bond and interaction between the AIGOSTAR brand and consumers. The highly interactive on-site experience effectively engaged consumers and introduced more people to and developed their fondness for AIGOSTAR products, raising the company ‘s wider profile and propelling it towards a new journey.


Focusing on the consumer market, building brand power, and enabling AIGOSTAR to stand out from the homogeneous industry, rapidly enhancing its influence in the industry. Increasing investment in the brand demonstrates AIGOSTAR's ongoing commitment to improving products and service quality, which caters to retail stores and distributors’taste. In 2023, AIGOSTAR will plan more brand activities in line with store requirements, continuously empowering retail stores.
The AIGOSTAR 14th anniversary celebration is not only a grand brand feast but also a new start. We will continue to forge ahead and create a more brilliant future.

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