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AIGOSTAR land in Africa, Ghana's first dealer store officially opened!

AIGOSTAR recently opened its agent store in Ghana, marking a major breakthrough in AIGOSTAR's global investment strategy. AIGOSTAR will focus on Europe and expand to other continents to bring more diversified quality choices to the global market and users.


The debut of the upgrade shelf image

Aigo has been focusing on upgrading its stores to provide better display solutions for customers. Nobleza, as its pet brand, the products line covers pet products for cats, dogs, birds, fish and rodents. A good display can help consumers to find the products they need as soon as possible. Nobleza uses different colors to display different kinds of products. It not only makes the overall image more simple and advanced, but also makes it convenient to restock, it also makes shopping more comfortable and convenient for consumers.


This year, Aigo updated the design of the Nobleza brand and made its debut in the Ghanaian community store! Replace the head billboard with a more prominent logo in the upper left corner.



1. Optimize the occlusion of the top space, better display of the products placed on the top;
2. Enhanced brand logo, consumers can find at a glance nobleza product area, which can help customers to select products more easily.
3. The overall vision is more unified and advanced, which highlights brand attributes

Quality Products + professional services to develop new markets

At present, in the state of fierce competition in the industry, for dealers, on one hand, investment has become more cautious; on the other hand, they are eager to achieve their own transformation and upgrading. High-quality products and professional service support is always an effective way to expand the market.



Aigo provides a full range of products and services support, free“Boutique transformation” marketing tools, a full range of lighting,electrical products, small appliances, pets, smart products, and supplemented by professional, systematic training and brand marketing and other brand services. In addition, we also provide efficient logistics services and the best and fastest delivery plan of AIGO Group headquarters warehouse (China) for the global dealers. cost savings. As a result, it can save cost and provide the strong product guarantee for the dealers.

New smart products continue to release for conquering the Blue Sea Market

As an international technology brand of smart home, AIGOSTAR pays attention to technology research and development first, relying on the strong support of scientific research strength, which is continuously creating more professional smart products. We have introduced smart filament lamp, Smart Sweeper, smart camera and other popular products, leading the new trend of Smart House and laying the powerful foundation for the terminal. In the new round of blue sea market situation, we help dealers achieve differentiated sales growth.

Conclusion: Under Brand upgrading competition, entering the global market

In the era of globalization, exploring and experimenting in the African market is the new node for AIGOSTAR to ”Go out”. Aigo is driven by innovation such as“Brand shaping”, “Intelligent manufacturing” and“High-quality service”. AIGO is going globally with its brand and its own strength. Grasp the trend, become the winner of the Times! In the future, Aigo will continue to move forward, hand in hand with more agents, terminal business to meet new development opportunities.

Ghana's first dealer store officially opens!
High Quality Products & Professional Services & Efficient Logistics
AIGOSTAR expands into Africa and go global with its brand influence and strength.

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