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Accumulate strength for a take-off!AIGOSTAR faces future challenges

The Declaration of AIGOSTAR

In May 2022, I’m 14 years old, in this new start point, I will engrave the vision of “ Be the top brand of the smart home product in global market”on my mind, be dedicate to create a benchmark of Chinese brands.

13 years of accumulation, create an extraordinary brand

Unconsciously, AIGOSTAR officially stepping into the 14th year of development! Never forget the initial mind and always thanks for the feedback of our customers, the AIGOSTAR 13th  anniversary promotional activities launched for our partners have come to a successful conclusion!

Looking back, “from 0 to 1 and open an extraordinary road” is the best summary of AIGOSTAR's 13-year adventure. Thanks to the 13 years of hard work in European market, we walked each steadfast step in product innovation, team building, channels expansion and brand upgrade, which contains the determination of AIGOSTAR to keep moving forward.

Expansion upgrade, keep energizing

The good new is, at the beginning of the 14th anniversary, Spanish branch of AIGOSTAR also ushered in a bright new warehouse! The new warehouse is located in the city of ILLESCAS. On the handover ceremony, local bankers, government officials and the mayor of ILLLESCAS came to visit and expressed their congratulations.

AIGOSTAR continues to invest the infrastructure to keep up with customer needs and fast-moving market. The warehouse in Spain has sufficient storey height and a storage area of 24,000㎡. New warehouse, new appearance, AIGOSTAR will enhance the quality of service by higher standard and requirement, so as to provide customers with better, more convenient and more efficient service and achieve worry-free ordering!

The fourteenth year of AIGOSTAR has just begun! Full of gratitude for the past and hope for the future, we are ready to go with a new attitude, based on the new opportunities and challenges of the current transformation and development of the Chinese department store industry, and look forward to making great strides and achievements under the changing market situation together with our partners.

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