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One action in the second half of the year to achieve corner overtaking!

There are many ways for stores to make a profit

Which product categories can occupied the future market?

“Smart Category” leading the global trend

The “smart home supplies” is accelerating

Combine with the trend of consuming upgrade

Smart Category of AIGOSTAR rises sharply

small S+ smart exquisite showcase

Small footprint for easy placement, eye-catching

Enter smart market without any cost

Hot smart products will inject energy to the store

Brave wind and achieve corner overtaking in retail


Order smart products from now on

Get a free showcase if the total reaches 700€

            Order early, upgrade early and make profit in advance

Showcase display effect

Ordering guideline



Touch “combined order”


Check “XS01 Smart flexible shelf”

Touch “shopping cart”on

upper right corner


Filter smart products

Submit the order

Halfway through 2022

Don't waste your time

It only speeds up the success of others

Win by change, quickly enter the smart market

Provide new growth potential for stores

                                   Buy it soon!

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