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Brighten Up Your Storefront with Aigostar outdoor solar lights

If you are in business, then an aigostar solar light will give your customers a better experience.

As the soul of a space, lighting can be said to be the protagonist of a commercial space, and people's evaluation of commercial space design is more often than not based on whether the lighting design is brilliant or not. Lighting in architecture, or play its practical function, or pour into the creative derived ornamental value, or create emotional links to trigger resonance. The most fundamental aspect of commercial lighting is that it can illuminate a place, and unlike general lighting, its lighting effect is more intense. In addition, with the development of technology, commercial lighting uses light as a medium to catalyse the interaction between branded buildings and urban magnetism and local residents in the sensory dimension.
In commercial spaces, lighting can not only express the goods, deepen the shopping experience and set the atmosphere of the space, but can also evoke unique feelings for the goods by way of guidance. The use of commercial lighting can meet the different requirements of the visual environment at different stages. The decoration of lights on the exterior of a shop can attract customers, and the different lighting settings in a shop can also showcase the charm of the shop. With the development of compact light sources, ballasts and other ultra-small, ultra-thin, various new technologies and new techniques of electrical accessories for lamps are constantly being adopted. Modern commercial lighting is now being developed in terms of practical and green lighting, such as the aigostar outdoor solar lights, which is being used in a wide range of applications.

Solar lamps are used in a wide range of commercial applications

Solar lights have a concentrated, long-range effect and can provide accent lighting. Highlighting the texture, colour and material of goods and objects the light effect is a common fixture in commercial lighting. Aigostar solar lights have high brightness, diffuse and concentrated light. At a height of 6-7 metres, it can illuminate up to 190 square metres, which is an extremely wide range of lighting. It is able to illuminate the details of a scene in the immediate vicinity, while providing a large illumination area. The light gathering leaves a sharp effect of light and dark levels, which works well.

Solar lights save energy and the environment while saving on electricity costs

LED solar floodlights use solar energy to generate electricity, a green energy source and therefore pollution-free and radiation-free, which is particularly cost effective. On top of this, the endless cost of lighting is a headache for many people. Especially in buildings with large spaces, they try to switch to more energy-efficient lighting tools. But how is it that the cost of electricity for a little bit of the day, the cost of replacing the lamps for 5-6 years and the cost of checking the safety of the wiring cannot be lowered? If shops use solar lights, they can achieve 24/7 electricity-free lighting and achieve 100% savings in lighting energy consumption around the clock. It helps the shop to save costs, reduce electricity costs and indirectly increase the transaction rate, which is twice the result with half the effort.

Solar lights reduce fire hazards and can be adjusted at any angle

Electricity safety is also an important cliché, especially as fire accidents caused by short-circuiting and heating of the batteries occur frequently. Solar string lights aigostar break the complex limitations of traditional lamp wiring and realise a 0-wiring installation method, so that building outlines, commercial shops, courtyard gardens, outdoor entrance sports venues and other outdoor places have their "place", no space, installation restrictions, reduce lighting safety worries.
The luminaire matches the architectural space of the shop in harmony, with both local accent lighting and overall ambient lighting, creating a more pleasant and natural shopping environment. Adjusting the angle of illuminationFor outdoor lighting fixtures, it is important to be able to adjust the angle according to the direction and lines of the building, etc. LED solar floodlights meet this need and ensure that the effect of the demanded display is achieved.Aigostar solar lights can be adjusted at any angle vertically and horizontally to focus on the building and create the perfect light environment.

In summary

The suitability for any outdoor location is due to the fact that one of the characteristics of LED solar floodlights is that they are not affected by the outside environment and can meet the decorative needs of lighting facilities such as commercial shops. The aigostar outdoor solar lights uses A-grade polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels and a double-core purple copper fast-charging cable to quickly absorb light energy and efficiently convert it into electricity. It can also work in rainy days and is not only resistant to high temperatures, but also strong against hot and sunny summer conditions, with lighting unaffected by the weather.
It is worth mentioning that the interior of the Aigostar solar light is made of high-quality LED beads. This results in a softer and less harsh light exposure. In addition, it also has a fast heat dissipation feature for a longer service life. Together with the 82 LED large particle light beads, it provides higher brightness. The battery is a new lithium iron phosphate battery of new energy vehicle quality. According to official laboratory data, a 4-hour charge is enough to illuminate for 20 hours, ensuring safe use to your heart's content in terms of power supply. The remote control is also designed to be as streamlined as possible, catering to most people's usage habits. In terms of functionality, it is divided into three main sections, brightness adjustment, intelligent light control and timer switch-off, which are very easy to operate. In fact, when we were using it, we found that the intelligent light control was all that was needed, so we didn't need to worry about the switch. Light control + time control + human body induction for efficient intelligent control, sun all day, bright all night! The high brightness and non-blinding features are very comfortable to use, illuminating our business activities, power saving and environmental protection, which is trustworthy.

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