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Aigostar outdoor solar lights:How to choose a reliable solar light supplier

When choosing a solar supplier, it is important to keep your eyes peeled for

In 2022, solar energy industry development prospects and market scale analysis in the carbon peak, carbon neutral ultimate goal, the global countries have spawned a huge new market, all walks of life to reduce carbon as the goal of industrial upgrading and structural transformation. In the context of achieving the carbon peak by 2030, the clean energy market is experiencing a surge in demand for insurance, with solar lighting as the representative of green energy is accelerating the pace of development. As a typical renewable energy source, solar energy is becoming more and more popular as it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free and widely distributed. Undoubtedly, with the increasing demand for energy, the new solar energy plus the most energy-efficient LED lamps is undoubtedly a perfect combination. The current promotion of solar lights is quite urgent and the market potential is huge. For the market, accelerating development, the solar lighting industry is bound to be promising.

However, relatively speaking, the solar light market is still relatively confusing. With hundreds of brands of solar light products on the market, we can't help but be dazzled when ordering, with no way to tell the difference between good and bad, and accidentally fall into the trap of spending money and suffering. So you want to be able to pick the best quality solar lights, when choosing a solar supplier, you need to shine a light on the solar lights, explore several important reference influences on the solar lights, see if the supplier is reliable, and then finally choose to order. Today I'll share my experience in choosing solar string lights aigostar suppliers.

The strength of the supplier and check whether the configuration is reasonable

In fact, the strength of the supplier directly determines the quality and technological content of the product. There is technology that can be reflected in the product; the supplier has an advanced production line and a responsible attitude to ensure the quality of the product. For products like solar lights, professionalism is important. In addition to this, due to the lack of industry standards, it is common for solar lamps on the market to have false wattages, resulting in the brightness of the lamps purchased falling far short of expectations. So when buying solar lights, you should not only look at the nominal wattage, but also at the charging efficiency of the supporting solar panels and the capacity of the supporting batteries, to see if they can match the nominal wattage. At present we will see certain very large brands on the market, such as aigostar specialising in solar lights, with large-scale production, whose product quality and technological content are guaranteed. Their parameters are not inflated and they have more efficient solar panels and larger capacity batteries.

Battery durability and solar panel conversion rates for solar lights

The battery of a solar light is important and is a central part of the solar light's ability to emit light. However, the nature of batteries dictates that their capacity decreases as they are used more often. Over 90% of solar street light manufacturers on the market use broken lithium batteries, which are separated from the electric vehicle and have a life expectancy of less than a year. There are also some low-priced seemingly good quality solar lights, suppliers to save costs using batteries are new energy vehicles retired batteries, because it has been after a period of wear and tear, so its durability is also greatly reduced, consider the use of effectiveness, the price of such lights and then low is not recommended to buy. However, the aigostar outdoor solar lights are designed with the consumer in mind, as they need to be installed in places where there is not a lot of sunlight, so they choose to use A-grade batteries, i.e. ternary lithium batteries.

There are monocrystalline silicon solar panels and polycrystalline silicon solar panels on the market, and their charging efficiency determines the energy conversion rate of the solar light. In actual products, due to various suppliers' processes, technologies and other aspects, we cannot just focus on their materials, but rather on their high or low charging efficiency. For example, a 100W monocrystalline solar panel and a 100W polycrystalline solar panel are the same concept, except that the polycrystalline silicon is a little larger. Comparing the size of solar panels is just a simple way of judging, in life we can go up against the solar, measure the current and voltage, and basically work out whether the power marked by the supplier is fishy or not. This point, aigostar solar lights do a good job, I went to their factory to see, their solar panels are the right size, the power is not falsely marked, its crystal silicon arrangement structure is reasonable, the maximum enhance the utilization rate.

Solar light housing materials

The market mainstream solar lamp housing, this water is very large. Many bad suppliers choose very poor quality recycled material, this material is not resistant to sunlight and fall, easy to oxidation cracking, but also short life. If you are willing to spend money, it is recommended to use aluminium alloy shells, which have class and long life. Die-casting aluminium material shell, stable performance, excellent corrosion resistance, anti-typhoon, can effectively protect the service life of the lamps. Check carefully whether there are cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubbles on the surface of the aluminium shell, if these and other appearances occur, then it means that it is not qualified. The surface of a good aluminium housing is clean. aigostar outdoor solar lights are made of die-cast aluminium or ABS plastic engineering housing, which not only protects the light from impact and water intrusion, sun and rain under any conditions throughout the year.

Summing up

For purchasers, they all want to buy better quality solar light products, so we can consider the above-mentioned various factors when choosing a specific solar light supplier. However, now we want to understand the various information channels is actually quite convenient, the website will generally have more detailed and specific solar light factory supplier information and product introduction. Of course, if conditions allow, we can make a site visit to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the solar light supplier. So I suggest that we choose carefully and not just focus on low price products, but pay more attention to the quality of the products. My summary of experience on how to choose a quality and reliable solar light supplier, I hope it can give you some help.

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