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Integrate aigostar outdoor solar lights into smart city solutions

I would like to introduce you to the application of aigostar solar lights in smart city solutions.

With the continuous development of social and economic development, energy shortage has become a serious obstacle that increasingly restricts economic development, of which electricity shortage has become a prominent contradiction that restricts the country's economic development. Urban public lighting is an important public infrastructure that is closely related to urban life. With the accelerated construction of urbanisation, the rise of smart cities and the concept of safe cities, benefiting from national infrastructure investment, cultural tourism policies, "characteristic towns", and the promotion of various innovative models, the solar streetlight market has ushered in an explosive period, gradually moving towards the direction of comprehensive urban lighting transformation. In terms of urban public street lighting, cities have a large number of street lights, the most dense urban infrastructure, and the use of solar photovoltaic power generation has become an irreversible trend in the construction of smart cities. Solar streetlights will be an important part and an important entrance to smart cities in the future, which can facilitate the implementation of smart cities in the urban lighting business and achieve the improvement of urban and municipal service capacity. Now, I would like to introduce you to the application of aigostar solar lights in smart city solutions.

Solar street light control is the most important aspect of road energy saving and emission reduction

Aigostar Lighting, as a comprehensive solution provider of urban intelligent lighting, fully utilises new solar energy and technology to empower double carbon, pioneering in urban lighting zero carbon technology and successfully contributing another successful case to make the urban light environment greener and healthier. Aigostar solar lights to use photovoltaic solar energy, no need to lay cables, highlight the low-carbon emission reduction and green light environment of the technical advantages, enhance the surrounding residents travel experience, and contribute to the green development of the city.

The advantages of aigostar outdoor solar lights in the field of smart lighting for new energy cities

1. Highly efficient light conversion rate: With monocrystalline silicon panels, they have a higher light conversion rate of up to 18% and a longer lifetime compared to polycrystalline silicon panels, making them more cost-effective. In the production process, monocrystalline silicon panels are first doped and diffused on silicon wafers, generally with trace amounts of boron, phosphorus and brocade, which are passed through a high temperature diffusion furnace to form P/N junctions on silicon wafers. A screen printing method is then used to print the matched silver paste onto the silicon wafer to make a grid line, which is sintered and also made into a back electrode, and the face with the grid line is coated with an anti-reflection source to prevent a large number of photons from being reflected off the smooth silicon surface, maximising the retention of light energy and thus achieving a more efficient light conversion rate. As in the case of the Space Station solar panels, this is the monocrystalline silicon used. Secondly, the solar panel is wrapped in tempered glass and EVA material, which is not easily stained with dust and has a high light transmission rate, providing a higher specification for the light conversion rate.

2.stable charging and discharging efficiency: the high efficiency and stability of charging and discharging is determined by the properties of the battery material. aigostar outdoor solar lights use lithium batteries, which have excellent performance in terms of low temperature discharge capacity, charging efficiency and energy density. Facing different regions or seasons there are obvious differences in temperature. Not only can it have a stable output under high temperature conditions, but it also has a stable performance in winter in high latitudes or inland areas, i.e. -15°C to +50°C, with excellent low temperature discharge performance. In addition, the performance of the charging efficiency depends on the ratio of the constant current charging capacity to the total battery capacity, also known as the constant current ratio. aigostar solar has a high constant current ratio, which means high charging efficiency. Under the same sunlight conditions, it has more sufficient energy storage capacity, and with the lighting wisdom controller, it can guarantee 3-7 days of normal operation in cloudy and rainy conditions without sunlight.

3.the service life of solar lamps and lanterns: mainly for the panels and batteries, aigostar solar lights, whether monocrystalline silicon panels or lithium batteries, have the technical advantages to ensure its long and durable service life. That is, strong anti-ageing ability, long service life, while good heat dissipation performance, but also to provide strong support for the extension of its service life.

4.Wisdom lighting: aigostar solar light has a built-in advanced wisdom controller, which can automatically adjust the light switching time, light brightness and energy storage system according to different seasons and sunshine conditions. The switching time can be automatically adjusted to achieve stepless control in time, so that it can be adjusted on demand. If the light is switched on at 30% brightness in the evening hours, the brightness is adjusted to 80%-100% after full darkness, or the light brightness is adjusted to within 50% during continuous cloudy and rainy weather. It not only meets the light demand, but also is the best choice to achieve energy saving and green lighting. solar string lights aigostar can be applied to urban road lighting control, tunnel lighting control, solar lighting control, etc. In addition, the aigostar solar light also has intelligent functions such as intelligent adjustment of charging and discharging power, overheating protection and human body induction, which is a reliable hardware guarantee for the realisation of urban intelligent lighting.

Summing up

Under the call of large-scale installation of street lights does not meet the low-carbon environmental protection, aigostar solar lights using intelligent energy storage self-luminous anti will replace the traditional utility street lights, innovative road low-carbon lighting methods. Free of wiring, so that the transformation costs reach a minimum, its exploration to create a collection of green, intelligent, safe, emergency form of intelligent street lighting applications for the new era, is a good carrier for the future layout of urban basic data, to provide a new effective solution for the application of new energy and new infrastructure for the city.

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