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How Aigostar Outdoor Solar Lights Can Improve Your Warehouse Safety and Efficiency

we will analyse how aigostar solar lamps are used in warehouse scenarios, both in terms of warehouse security and high efficiency.

Warehouse are the main places of the enterprise, warehouse lighting is very important for storage operations, before putting into use warehouse to select the appropriate lighting equipment according to the practical conditions and practices of storage. So what kind of lights should be used in the warehouse? This is based on the type of warehouse, building area and height to decide. However, in practice, solar floodlights are being used more and more widely, and some large warehouses have gradually replaced ordinary energy-saving lamps with them. Today we will analyse how aigostar solar lamps are used in warehouse scenarios, both in terms of warehouse security and high efficiency.

Why do warehouses require security? aigostar outdoor solar lights are safe and secure to use!

Warehouses are places where materials are stored centrally, and many warehouses, although they are only stacked with ordinary goods, have serious consequences once a safety accident occurs. Not only huge economic losses, social aspects of the impact of large. Therefore do a good job of warehouse security, to protect the safety of stored materials, reduce the security risks, has an extremely important significance. Therefore, the warehouse lighting should be properly selected, good quality, otherwise, due to improper settings and other reasons, unattended easy to cause fire. Therefore, the first thing we should consider is the safety of the warehouse lighting, safety as the first. We should use lighting equipment that is dust-proof, corrosion-proof, explosion-proof, with a certain IP rating and high security, but also to ensure that the lamps can work properly and safely.

Unlike ordinary household lights, the Aigostar solar light series, the light body is made of waterproof, high quality die-cast aluminium body, this outdoor special material has stronger performance, with stronger resistance to pressure, heat dissipation and anti-corrosion, even in the rain or exposure to the sun and other weather conditions, can also be well adapted to effectively extend its service life. The wire is made of precise waterproof wire, which ensures the safety of the product during use and prevents rain from entering in the event of rain. In addition, the whole lamp is insulated and 100% electric shock-proof, with a protection level of IP65, and is supplied with a fully enclosed, glued-in power supply, and before leaving the factory, the lamp is subjected to a strict rain spray test to ensure its waterproofness and safety. It is therefore guaranteed to last in wind, rain and high temperatures, making it a true "waterproof safety light"!

The aigostar solar light is solar powered and has a built-in lithium battery, so it does not need to be connected to the mains. The aigostar solar light is much safer to use, and this greatly reduces the risk of fire or leakage due to the use of electricity.The aigostar outdoor solar lights are designed to be installed without the need to pull 220V cables. The split design of the light and solar panel makes it easy to install the solar panel in a place where sunlight can be easily obtained. There is no restriction on the site or scene, just choose a different installation method, whether it is for wall or pole use, it is easy to install, safer and more convenient to use.

Why does the warehouse is luminaire require efficiency?Aigostar solar lights are energy efficient!

It is well known that energy consumption is mainly concentrated in the industrial industry. The heavy energy consumption costs make it much more expensive for companies, not only to strain the electricity supply, but also to pollute our living environment. The "big head" of industrial energy consumption should be the top priority in the energy saving and consumption reduction work, vigorously promote the application of energy-saving green lighting products is the general trend. With the improvement of lighting technology, the warehouse lighting function requirements from the most basic "light" to the high quality, efficient and energy-saving height. Efficient lighting systems play a key role in saving energy and reducing running costs.

Firstly, warehouse lighting uses commercial electricity, which has a large electricity base, so lighting costs are a large expense every year. When choosing a lighting product it is important to base it on the important factor of energy efficiency. aigostar solar lights are mainly powered by solar radiation and do not need to be recharged, so they do not consume conventional electricity and therefore do not incur electricity costs, greatly reducing warehouse operating costs. Secondly, solar string lights aigostar use high quality LED chips with high luminous flux values and small light and heat resistance for higher efficiency. The parameters are not false, full load current, to meet different needs. Multiple lamp types, complete wattage, radiation 60-180m² lighting area, one lamp to meet the needs of the warehouse.

In addition, unlike ordinary solar lights, the Aigostar outdoor solar light comes with intelligent light-sensing control. It relies on the daytime sunlight to charge the internal lithium battery according to the changing environment, and automatically turns on the LED lighting when night falls, without user intervention throughout the process. It comes with a 5~8m remote control, which can be manually set to switch on/off, brightness increase/decrease, automatic light on/off mode, timer off mode, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of the lighting and makes it more energy saving and environmental friendly.


The same sunlight, diversified low-carbon, zero-carbon lighting technology means that the future of solar lighting technology deserves more eagerly awaited by the community. Currently solar lights are very widely used in life, commerce and industry, playing an important role and being recognised by more and more people! In addition to being used in warehouses, large-scale workplaces and mines, housing and building roundabouts, stadiums, viaducts, monuments, farms, ecological parks and flower gardens and various places and buildings can be used for outdoor lighting. In summary, aigostar solar lighting has advantages over other types of outdoor lighting. Its inherent characteristics such as safety without hidden dangers, energy saving without consumption, green and easy installation will bring obvious available advantages directly to the construction of the warehouse.

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