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Aigostar Outdoor Solar Light: Market Segmentation to understand your target customers and market opportunities

Do a good research of the solar light market segmentation, in order to better seize the market opportunity to achieve a career.

As a new way of green lighting for domestic use, the main types of solar lights are solar garden lights, solar street lights, solar lawn lights and solar landscape lights, which have a variety of applications in industrial plants, courtyard houses and commercial areas. Not only does it achieve energy saving and low carbon for lighting, it also enhances the convenience of lighting. At present, after the vigorous promotion and application of various governments, the development momentum is very rapid, the market of solar lighting is entering a clear period of accelerated outbreak, ushering in the spring belonging to their own industry, with broad market prospects.

Overview of the photovoltaic lighting industry at home and abroad

At this stage, the production base of photovoltaic lighting products is mainly concentrated in China, China has formed a more complete industry chain from the manufacture of solar cells and LED light sources to the integrated application of solar cells and LED technology, domestic enterprises occupy the vast majority of the world's photovoltaic lighting market share. China's photovoltaic lighting industry development is mainly gathered in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Min Delta regions, forming a regional development. In contrast, the consumer audience body of photovoltaic lighting products is mainly overseas, concentrated in North America, Europe and other developed countries and regions. aigostar outdoor solar lights consumers are also mainly in Spain, Italy lights European countries.

Solar lamp market segment overview

Solar lamps are the most widely used product in the photovoltaic lighting industry, accounting for more than 50% of the capacity of the photovoltaic lighting market. With energy saving and emission reduction measures in a wider and deeper extent, people's awareness of energy saving will be more and more in-depth, there will be more traditional lamps and lanterns replaced by solar lamps and lanterns, opening up new markets in the past blank market.
Foreign markets for the main consumer: solar lights are mainly used for garden and lawn decoration and lighting, its main market is concentrated in Europe and the United States and other developed regions. These areas of housing more garden or lawn, need to decorate or lighting; In addition, according to the cultural customs of Europe and the United States, local residents every year in Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas and other major holiday celebrations or weddings, performances and other party activities, usually can not avoid in the outdoor lawn, solar lights string held activities, which requires spending a lot of money for the maintenance and decoration of the lawn.Traditional cable-laying methods of power supply increase the cost of lawn maintenance, are difficult to move after installation, pose certain safety risks and consume more electricity, which is neither economical nor convenient. The aigostar outdoor solar light is gradually replacing traditional lawn lighting due to its convenience, economy and safety features, and is slowly becoming the first choice for decorative lighting in European and American homes. Some European and American families have now taken it as a daily household supplemental power supply, or even the main power supply.

China's market demand gradually emerged: solar energy as an infinite renewable energy, and gradually partly replace urban production, life conventional energy has been the general trend. Solar lighting as one of the most important ways to use solar energy, China's solar lighting technology has been relatively mature, the reliability of solar lamps and lanterns has been greatly improved. In the case of rising conventional energy prices and tight energy supply, the conditions are ripe for the large-scale promotion of solar lighting in China. China's solar industry is developing rapidly, and the potential demand for solar products is huge. The number and scale of solar lawn light manufacturers in China is increasing, and production has accounted for more than 90% of the world's output, with annual sales of more than 300 million units, and the average growth rate of solar lawn light production in recent years is more than 20%.

The characteristics of FMCG products are more obvious: users who like to spend for festivals and ambience may become target customers. After years of development, solar lawn lights have gradually transformed from a new type of demand to a popular demand, and the consumption characteristics of FMCG products have become more and more prominent, which is especially obvious in Europe and the United States. FMCG products are easily accepted by the target consumers and have the characteristics of being able to be consumed within a short period of time after purchase and may be repeatedly purchased. In contrast to the frequent replacement of products, most small solar lawn luminaires currently have a lifespan of around one year, but solar string lights aigostar are being made available in a variety of styles to suit the changing needs of consumers. Solar lawn lamps and lanterns in the West seasonal FMCG characteristics more prominent, like for the festival consumption of customers will spontaneously according to different holiday celebrations and choose a different lawn lights, garden lights, in order to meet the lighting at the same time is very ornamental, reflecting the modern urban scene and light rhythm of the combination of fashion concepts.
Aesthetics are increasingly valued: consumers who like beautiful things may become target customers. Photovoltaic lighting fixtures to provide people with comfortable visual conditions, the coordination of various types of light and colour is the embodiment of the style of landscape lighting, can echo the creation of the space landscape reflects the beauty of art, to meet the visual needs of people, aesthetic needs and heart needs. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the aesthetics of photovoltaic lighting fixtures, with design and manufacturing advantages, can sense aesthetic changes in the enterprise will occupy a favorable position in market development.

Summing up

Solar lights are widely used at home and abroad due to their energy-saving, environmentally friendly and easy installation characteristics, with huge demand potential. With the economic development, the improvement of people's consumption concept and the increase of urban greening area, the European market will further increase the supply demand for solar lawn lights, and places such as B&B, villas and parks may be the places with the most market demand. Therefore, it is important to do a good research on the segmentation of each market and fully understand the preferences of the target customers in order to better seize the market opportunities and achieve a career.

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