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Reduce your carbon footprint by installing aigostar outdoor solar lights

AIGOSTAR solar lights are proving that they are helping users to reduce their carbon footprint in their everyday lives.

In recent years, consumers and brands have become increasingly conscious of sustainability and environmental awareness, and green consumerism has become a major trend. With the global energy crisis and the "double carbon" trend, the new green energy track has seen rapid growth. At present, in the field of urban lighting, the realization of low-carbon energy saving, as well as zero-carbon and carbon-reducing technologies, will be the inevitable trend in the future development of urban lighting. This is not only related to the healthy life of residents, but also to the global natural environment and the country's economic security system in the world.

Internet searches are skyrocketing and new energy is in the spotlight!

When it comes to being green, solar energy always comes to mind. As energy prices continue to rise, solar energy has become an irreplaceable type of energy source in the energy mix because it is clean, environmentally friendly, non-polluting and of high value. The global solar market has been growing rapidly in regions such as Europe and the US, and searches for solar products are exploding on Amazon's online marketplace since 2022. For example, in 2022, the number of searches for solar panels increased by 263% year-on-year, with portable solar panels jumping by 1,123%. Spain: the most searched for product in the solar category was "solar string lights aigostar", with an increase of 45% year-on-year. France: outdoor solar lights and solar panels were the first and second most searched for products, with the number of searches for solar panels significantly higher than for outdoor solar lights.
The global green energy market is worth US$881.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach US$197.76 billion by 2030. the global green energy market will grow at a CAGR of 8.4% between 2021 and 2030. It can be said that in recent years, countries around the world have been pushing for the global goal of 'net zero carbon'. It is clear that, driven by both policy support and market demand, the green energy e-commerce market will grow further in the future.

AIGOSTAR solar lights reduce the carbon footprint of your life

aigostar is a lighting technology company that develops, designs, produces and sells a wide range of solar lights. It produces a wide range of solar outdoor lighting products, including solar garden light series, solar street light floodlight series and solar Christmas Halloween light string series. Its green and sustainable solar outdoor power supply enables global outdoor low-carbon life, relying on the green concept and excellent product quality, and continues to achieve a market share ahead of the industry. In European countries, aigostar outdoor solar lights have a significant market, lighting up streets, alleys and gardens. Each solar light can replace a number of lamps that use fossil fuels to generate lighting, reducing the annual CO2 emissions into the environment by 320kg. The full use of new solar energy, technology-enabled dual-carbon, pioneering in zero-carbon urban lighting technology, has contributed to another successful case of creating a green and healthy urban light environment.
Aigostar Outdoor Solar's solar panels are available in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon. The monocrystalline solar panels have a photovoltaic conversion efficiency of 18% and are encapsulated in toughened glass and waterproof resin, making them robust and durable, with a typical life expectancy of 15-25 years. Polycrystalline solar panels have a photovoltaic conversion efficiency of around 17% and a life expectancy of 15-25 years. In addition to the high-capacity batteries and solar panels, the aigostar outdoor solar light system also includes an advanced controller. And when the lighting stops working, it absorbs solar radiation during the day to store electricity and then gets more power when it is fully charged again. In terms of charging efficiency, the aigostar outdoor solar light is also very strong, being able to quickly access a large amount of solar energy in a short period of time, taking only about seven hours to fully charge. Not only is it fast, but the charging method is also not limited by the weather, as the solar energy can be collected even in cloudy weather. The potential for an accelerated transition to a green, low-carbon future is well established and is already gaining momentum in various countries.

In summary

The growing popularity of solar lights will drive the market. By reducing carbon emissions through the use of eco-friendly technologies, the many advantages of aigostar solar light systems over conventional solutions will further drive the shift to solar lights, providing clean, reliable green lighting for people who do not have access to a steady supply of electricity. Being sustainable and grid independent in nature, this will result in lower operating costs. The aigostar outdoor solar lights have a lower risk of overheating and requires less maintenance than traditional wire lights, and the absence of external electrical wiring further reduces the risk of accidents such as electrocution and strangulation. Solar lighting is now so widely used that homes using solar power can save thousands of dollars a year, and it is also an environmentally friendly way of reducing carbon emissions. Many, many reductions in carbon emissions have come from these seemingly insignificant changes.
Solar street lights use renewable energy to generate electricity, which is efficient and environmentally friendly. By not relying on fossil fuels or other non-renewable energy sources, they reduce carbon emissions and help to mitigate climate change. Carbon neutrality, which is hot right now, is driving major changes in the industrial system, a challenge and an opportunity. In the context of carbon neutrality, new energy sources will eventually play an increasingly important role in our lives. Ten years ago, the 20% renewable energy target set by regions, cities and companies was considered cutting-edge. Today, however, 100% renewable energy targets are becoming the new norm in much of Europe, the USA and increasingly in developing countries. As part of efforts to promote sustainable development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and AIGOSTAR solar lights are proving that they are helping users to reduce their carbon footprint in their everyday lives, ultimately leading to reduced costs and increased efficiency, safety and comfort, and low carbon emissions.

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