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Light up your life with solar lights aigostar: a guide to choosing the best solar lights for you

a summary of some guidelines for using aigostar solar lights that I have compiled in real life.

As the world has been adjusting its energy structure in recent years to increase the demand for energy, the new solar lights, on the contrary, have become more and more present in people's home life due to their environmentally friendly and non-polluting characteristics, making this new type of lighting equipment. In many practical life applications, solar lights use solar panels to charge during the day and batteries to emit light at night, without the need for complicated cable laying. It can be moved and adjusted at any time to meet the needs of normal lighting in different living scenarios. So, to make the solar light better for our life, the actual use also needs to pay more attention to some issues. The following is a summary of some guidelines for using aigostar solar lights that I have compiled in real life.

Installation requirements for solar lights and how to install them

The length of time a solar light is on at night is very much related to the intensity and duration of daylight, if it is charged for a long time during the day then the longer it is on at night. Not only that, but in general the light time in summer is also longer than in winter, as the sunlight intensity and light time is much greater in summer than in winter. In my real life application, aigostar solar lights can be fully charged in 5-6 hours under a light intensity of 60,000-80,000 LUX, and the solar panel can be lit for at least 8 hours at night after a full charge. Therefore, the solar light should follow some rules when installing, it should be installed in a sunny place and avoid shade buildings and other things to block the light, the lamps should be placed vertically, and the solar panel should be installed in the direction of the sun or in the best direction to the south, in order to be able to fully absorb solar energy and ensure that the direct sunlight for more than 6 hours in summer. In addition, solar lights aigostar should be installed in a temperature environment of -20°C to 40°C, because solar lamps used in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low will affect the normal use of solar lamps. Too low a temperature will reduce the operation of the light; while too high a temperature will prevent the light from working properly, so try to keep the light in a temperature of -20-60° for normal operation.

When installing the solar light, first take the solar light out, tear off the protective film on the solar panel (some products do not use it), turn on the switch of the solar light and just plug it into the lawn of your garden patio by itself. If the aigostar solar light product has been stored for a long time without being used, the battery may self-discharge, resulting in a low battery level and no light at the first use. So turn on the solar light switch and place it in a sunny place where the solar panel can be charged for more than 10 hours before using it.

Special attention and maintenance methods for solar lights

Note on aigostar solar lights: 

1. solar lights in rainy days lamps charging effect is weak, in sunny days charging effect is best, this is a normal phenomenon, do not worry. 

2. if aigostar solar lights do not light up, first check whether the switch is in the "on" state, or whether the power is sufficient. 

3. The solar panel must be installed in a position that is directly exposed to sunlight, generally if you can guarantee 3-4 hours of direct sunlight, you can light up at night, of course, the longer the direct sunlight charging effect must be better. 

4. solar lights aigostar are generally self-contained light control, human body induction systems, which need to be away from other light sources, if there are other lights at night (including the camera's If there are other lights (including infrared light) shining to the solar panel at night, it will easily cause the solar light to turn off automatically or the light to flicker.

5. The use of any product will have wear and tear, so after two to three years of normal use of the aigostar solar light, the built-in battery may have wear and tear, and the lighting time at night will be shortened accordingly. We can replace the batteries according to the situation, thus extending the service life of the light. 

6. solar panels are important components, never hit the solar panels with hard or sharp objects, otherwise the solar panels will be damaged.

Maintenance methods for aigostar solar lights: 

1. If it is continuously rainy, resulting in a short lighting time and very dim light, you can temporarily turn off the switch. When the sky is clear, you can turn on the light to use it again, which can extend the battery life. 

2. Solar panels should be kept clean, there should not be dust and dirt, dead leaves and other debris to cover, so you need to clean the solar panels regularly during use to keep the surface clean, otherwise it will affect the lighting effect. 

3. You can use gauze with water to wipe clean the solar panels to ensure that they can be charged normally. 

4. If you need to replace the batteries can not New and old mixed, so as not to produce the inability to charge. 

5. regularly check the wiring of the aigostar solar garden light system circuit, found fault timely response to ensure that the line is properly connected to ensure the normal use of solar street lights. 

6. solar garden lights aigostar battery components, ultra-high bright LED light source, maintenance-free battery and automatic control circuit and other important components. After the extreme weather, but also to timely testing and maintenance, to effectively avoid solar lights due to a part of the damage and affect its normal work.


Solar garden lights mainly use the energy of solar panels to work, and are widely used for beautifying and decorating the lawns of our residential gardens. The above questions about the use of aigostar solar lights in daily life should be shared here for your reference! The most important thing is that in the process of daily use, regular inspection and maintenance, is a very necessary means. We should strictly follow the above scientific and reasonable methods that I have given to you to maintain solar cells and solar panels for use to ensure their normal work and extend the service life of solar lights.

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